Blinken thanks US partners for aiding evacuation from Afghanistan

Washington DC [US]: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday thanked its partner countries who played an important role to help them evacuate US citizens and ‘at-risk Afghans’ from Kabul.

Blinken’s remarks come as the US facilitated the departure of approximately 13,000 people on military aircraft since August 14. “We are working around the clock to maximize evacuations; we have facilitated the departure of approximately 13,000 people on U.S. military aircraft since August 14 and continue to ramp up operations,” Blinken said in a statement.

Secretary Blinken thanked several countries that helped in transiting Americans or, in some circumstances, others through their territories to safety. He also thanked other nations who helped in relocation efforts for at-risk Afghans.

“We deeply appreciate the support they have offered, and are proud to partner with them in our shared support of the Afghan people. We are encouraged by other countries that are also considering providing support. We have no higher priority than the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas and to fulfill our commitments to citizens of partner nations and at-risk Afghans,” he said.

Terming the evacuation from Afghanistan the ‘most difficult and largest airlift’ ever in the history, US President Joe Biden earlier on Friday assured to get all Americans and allies out of the war-torn country.
“Kabul evacuation is among the largest and most difficult airlifts in history,” Biden said while addressing the press at the White House.

He added that it’s time to end the Afghan mission and get all Americans out as Afghanistan has been taken over by the Taliban after the collapse of the government.

Afghanistan’s future is hanging in balance as the country’s government collapsed on Sunday after the Taliban’s lighting offensive.

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