Black Adam may not be the film that may lift Hollywood above the sea of irrelevancy but it most certainly is a fun ride buoyed by the performance of Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” this superhero flick delivers quite a punch and is able to expand the DC Universe with the promise of genuinely great things to come.

Black Adam' reviews: The Rock's new movie is bland and predictable

The spin-off from 2019’s Shazam wastes no time to jump into a prelude that spells out how Adam Teth, a hero, a champion, a legend, became Black Adam. The film gallops at a steady pace from there on. That makes the Black Adam markedly tauter than most superhero flicks.

the story and plot takes a backseat for the most part but the action and dizzying effects keep you more than entertained. Helped by its supporting characters and the actors doing a fabulous job the film never bores or overwhelms you. Instead it is a film for the kids and for those who just want to go out and have fun.

For those esteemed critics from whom one might hear the amazing reviews like “ITS BLAND!!!” Well maybe people just want to be entertained instead of being lectured and told to live their lives in better ways by ignorant rich stars and privileged “CRITICS” who clearly cannot be bought with gift bags and premier accesses!!!

Black Adam to release a day early in Indian theatres | Entertainment  News,The Indian Express

It gives you exactly its marketing and trailers promise a loud fun action and heroic flick with little time to ponder and be bored.

So if anyone is wondering whether to have fun or stay at home ….. Black Adam delivers so its best to go out and catch this one in the theatres. Also the end credits scene is that will get you off your seats!!!

Black Adam is a whirlwind of a movie. One just goes along with it. It gives you no time to pause and wonder. That, in the dictionary of superhero movie fans, would mean that Black Adam and the lead actor who holds the film together have delivered their money’s worth.

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