Govt should control Price: BSP

New Delhi [India] : Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) spokesperson Sudhindra Bhadoria on Sunday urged the Centre to reduce prices of petroleum products and bring Achhe Din for the common man.
Speaking to ANI, Bhadoria said, “We hear every day that petrol and diesel prices have increased. Petrol and diesel prices already scored a century. Even LPG cylinders are available for Rs 1,000. If you go to the farmers, they are saying that Diammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizer is available at a cost of Rs 2000 in the black market.” “I want to say that the government is giving relief neither to the farmers nor to the poor and the common man. Only some capitalists are flourishing here so the BJP government needs to bring ‘Acche din’ to the public,” he added.
Petrol and diesel prices continued to rise across the country for the fourth consecutive day on Sunday.
Petrol and diesel prices reached an all-time high as fuel rates continued to rise by 35 paise/litre across the country for the fourth consecutive day on Sunday. With the latest hike, the petrol price becomes Rs 105.84/litre while diesel will now cost Rs 94.57/litre in Delhi today.
Oil companies started raising auto fuel prices last week.
Meanwhile, Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri on Saturday said that the consumption of petrol and diesel has increased as compared to the pre-COVID times, and the government is working towards price stability.
Commenting on the continuous price hike of petroleum products, the Minister said, “Today, the consumption of petrol and diesel is higher by 10-15 per cent and 6-10 per cent respectively compared to pre-COVID times. I’ll not go into the price issue. We continue to work towards the price stability.”

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