‘Bigg Boss 16’: Shalin Bhanot’s Parents Writes Letter Over Death Threats By MC Stan And His Fans

Bigg Boss sixteen contestant Shalin Bhanot’s parents have written an open letter to the display creators asking why the pictures displaying MC Stan giving him demise threats turned into aired on television. They have expressed their difficulty over his, and their safety after enthusiasts of MC Stan allegedly commenced threatening Shalin and his own family on social media.


Shalin’s dad and mom shared the letter through his Instagram account with the caption, “Let’s Keep The Competition Healthy and Safe.” It read: “To the Bigg Boss own family, Namaste and thank you for all the love you have got all been showering on our son Shalin. Shalin signed up for this surely superb journey, the only with plenty of demanding situations. We are certain he will come out emerging as a winner of hearts and love.

“However, we are worried! Last night seeing our son get death threats on national television has been worrisome. Post the episode, the threats have continued to pour in via fandoms and we wonder how is this ok? It’s a reality show but at the end of the day, it’s for entertainment. Why are we bringing life and death and death threats in to this all? Our family is genuinely worried and we want to know how is this allowed on national television? We are worried about our son, his safety and the safety of our family! There’s nothing beyond our son’s happiness and safety that matters to us…. From, Shalin ke mummy aur daddy.”

Shalin and MC Stan recently had an unpleasant fight in the Bigg Boss sixteen house. During the nomination mission, MC Stan nominated Tina Datta and the two had an altercation. Shalin jumped into the argument and MC Stan threatened to slap him. He also threatened him again and dragged his parents into the argument. MC Stan become seen charging towards him, saying, “Ma-baap pe mat ja (don’t speak about my mother and father).” He similarly threatened Shalin, “All my buddies are watching this, do you need to live or not?”

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