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Bhagyashree’s single-leg deadlift on Bosuball Will Leave You Astonished

Bhagyashree gives health enthusiasts a run for their money with her BOSU circuit workout for core stability and this fitness video is all the exercise motivation we need to take us through the rest of the week.

Taking to her social media deal with, Bhagyashree shared the video that includes her nailing a single-leg deadlift on BOSU ball and our jaws simply dropped in awe. Donning a pink spaghetti high teamed with a pair of gray tights and a pair of spotless white sneakers with hair pulled again right into a excessive ponytail to ace the sporty look, Bhagyashree was featured standing on a BOSU Balance Trainer or BOSU ball which is an inflated rubber hemisphere connected to a inflexible platform with the dome aspect going through down.

BOSU, which stands for “each side up”, makes nearly each train more difficult because it gives an unstable floor whereas the machine stays steady. Standing on one foot centered on the black aspect of the ball, Bhagyashree slowly rotated her hips again and bent ahead on the waist.

Displaying incredible balance, focus and leg stability, the actor stood on one foot with her lifted leg lengthened behind her, then hinged forward and lowered her torso as she straightened the back leg with her hands now folded above her head.

Smiling and giving thumbs up to the camera, Bhagyashree captioned the video, “Travel…seems so futuristic now so all I can do is listen to this song… Fly away with me… my dreams, that’s all I see. #worldismyoyster #flying #swissballworkout #balance #domorebemore #beyourownkindofbeautiful #bethewomanyouwanttobe (sic).”

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