Bengaluru Court Orders A Ban On The Sale & Distribution Of Addanda Cariappa’s Book ‘Tipu Nij Nijyam’

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]: On Wednesday, the civil court in Bengaluru ordered a ban on the sale and distribution of ‘Rangayana’ director Addanda C Cariappa’s e-book ‘Tipu Nij Nijyam’, that’s based totally on the lifestyles of Tipu Sultan.

Raifulla BS, former chairman of the District Wakf Board Committee and resident of Bengaluru, binds Ayodhya Publication (writer) & Rashtrotthana print had filed the suit. “If the contents of the play are false and incorporate false records about Tipu Sultan, and if the equation is dispensed, it’d reason irreparable loss to the plaintiff, and there are probabilities of breach of communal peace and concord. It is a commonplace expertise that debatable books promote like hotcakes,” the court docket said in its order.

The plaintiff claimed that the book consists of false information, which doesn’t show the information supply.

Aza of Muslims are portrayed derogatorily, and the term Turukaru is used. If this book reaches human beings, it will purpose unrest in society. In this regard, he asked that an injunction have to be issued. The choose, who issued an emergency observation to the defendants, authors, and publishers, banned the sale of books and adjourned the hearing.

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