Belarus proposes to US to reduce embassy staff until September 1 – Foreign Ministry

Minsk, Aug 11: The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has proposed to the United States to reduce the number of its embassy staff to five people until September 1, the ministry’s spokesman, Anatoly Glaz, told Sputnik on Wednesday.
Earlier this week, the US imposed new sanctions against Belarus, and Minsk vowed to evaluate possible response measures.
“Our response to their unfriendly and even aggressive actions was reported to the American side today at the Foreign Ministry during a meeting with Charge d’Affaires Ruben Harutunian … Amid Washington’s actions to reduce cooperation in all spheres and economic strangulation of our country, we also quite objectively see no point in the presence of such significant personnel of the American diplomatic mission in Belarus,” Glaz said.
The spokesman added that it is hard to understand “what will they do” in current circumstances.
“In this regard, a proposal was made to the US side to reduce the number of its embassy staff in Minsk to 5 people by September 1. Actually, such a completely understandable logic will be taken into account in the event of a further worsening of bilateral cooperation at the initiative of the United States,” Glaz added.

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