Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 will see Cold War battle lines drawn

Beijing [China]: As Beijing is set to host the Winter Olympics next year, it could see Cold War battle lines being drawn with many of the democratic countries diplomatically boycotting it.
The US will stage a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing to protest the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) myriad human rights abuses, according to Taiwan News. Further, US close strategic ally, Australia confirmed that it too would send no diplomatic representation to the Beijing Olympics, followed by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirming there were no plans for officials to attend. Later the same day, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau echoed the same.
On the other hand, the Taiwan government has not taken a position at the moment.
Further, the democratic countries around the world sending a clear message to China that its human rights abuses in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and elsewhere, will no longer be tolerated, according to Taiwan News.
Further, there has been much talk about whether the world is edging toward a new Cold War and the Winter Olympics could be one where battle lines are according to Taiwan News.

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