Beauty Hacks For Glamorous Diwali Looks

Every year, Diwali festivities push the spirit of celebration to its peak, lining up lots of parties and get-togethers to host and attend. However, with work and other preparations at hand, often, we do not have enough time to go to salons every other day to achieve those glamorous, perfect looks.

Well, fret not, as professional makeup artists are here to share tips for effortlessly standing out this Diwali. Piya Arora, a professional makeup artist and influencer, believes simple Indian beauty hacks work best for festivals.

“Wear kajal, it looks beautiful. Bindi, bangles, mehendi…these basic Indian things can enhance your beauty effortlessly. Even parandis are back in fashion. As for outfits, you can also take your mom or grandmother’s sarees and refashion them,” Piya told ANI.

For the hairdos, she shared, “You can tie up your hair in a bun and add flowers to it. White or red roses always look stunning, or you can go for any flower that matches the colour of your outfit.”

Since Indian outfits and jewellery are usually heavy, Piya suggested going for simple, subtle makeup.
“If you are wearing heavy jewellery, then nude makeup shades — orange, peach — should complement your outfit. If you are choosing a lighter outfit and avoiding heavy jewellery, then too, you can stand out with bold — red or maroon — lips,” she said.

Wamika Bajaj, a professional makeup artist and educator, shared that to achieve a perfect Diwali look, all you need to know is how to balance your makeup.

“Dark lips look really nice in the winter season. So, if you want your lipper to be bold, then prefer keeping the eyes muted, with a simple winged-eyeliner and nude eyes,” she said.

“If you are going with bold eyes, then go for muted lips. For me, browns and nudes work best for Diwali time. So step more into smokey eyes — browns, greys and warmer tones,” she added.

For those interested in experimenting with their looks this Diwali, Wamika suggested playing with their eye-makeup.

“There are lots of different types of liners available — graphic liners, faux liners, angel wings, smudge eyeliners and more. You can try those for quirky, fun looks,” she shared.

For those in a rush and with no time on their hands, Wamika shared a super-quick makeup routine.

“Just do your CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturising), use a concealer and set it with powder. No foundation is required. Top it with a blush, highlighter, lipper, a little shimmery eyeshadow and you are good to go. Set it with a spray or a mist. It will only take five to seven minutes to achieve this look,” she shared.

“For the hair, go for a sleek pony, a soft bun or curls. These are all easy and quick hairdos. Wear a choker or a pair of chunky earrings. Silver and junk jewellery are pretty much in these days,” she added.

Apart from these makeup, hair and outfit ideas, Piya and Wamika have shared some must-not-forget pointers for attaining that perfect Diwali look.

1. Always use a primer before applying your makeup and a makeup fixer to set your base.
2. Your priority should be to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Make sure to keep your face moisturised, especially now since the season is changing. Drink enough water throughout the day.
3. Use sunblock regularly, even when you are indoors.
4. CTM — cleansing, toning and moisturising is a must — both before and after you do your makeup.
5. Never sleep with your makeup on. It will clog your pores and your skin will be bad the next day. If you don’t have enough time for skincare, just remove your makeup before bed, put on a regular moisturiser and keep yourself hydrated.
6. To remove your makeup, never use makeup removing wipes, they are very harsh on the skin. Use coconut oil or micellar water instead.

Wamika stressed to take regular good care of your skin, “because if your skin would be healthy then your makeup would automatically look great.”

Piya suggested that instead of copying anyone else’s style, “go for something unique this Diwali and be confident with whatever look you choose for yourself.”

With these tips and ideas in mind, you will definitely have healthy skin, gorgeous looks and a happy Diwali!

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