At G20 meeting, China urges lifting economic sanctions on Afghanistan

China has called for the ending of sanctions and restrictions on Afghanistan amid Taliban struggle for wider international recognition.

Beijing [China], September 23 : Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, during a video conference with the foreign ministers of the Group of 20 (G20) on Thursday said Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves are national assets and should belong to and be used by the Afghan people, Global Times reported. The minister added foreign reserves cannot be used as a bargaining chip to exert political pressure on the country. Wang Yi said it is necessary to increase the intensity of aid to Afghanistan, especially to provide timely assistance to the most urgent needs of the Afghan people.
Wang also called on G20 members to actively take practical measures to help Afghanistan ease the current liquidity pressure. He further said the Afghan people should be supported to independently choose a development path that suits their national conditions, and a broad and inclusive political structure should be formed finally.
Speaking on the issue of counter-terrorism, the Chinese foreign minister added Afghanistan must earnestly fulfil its commitments, draw a clear line with various terrorist forces, and resolutely crack down on them.
This comes as the 76th UN General Assembly (UNGA) opened the high-level week on September 21.
Earlier this week, special representatives of Pakistan, Russia and China agreed with the Taliban to maintain contacts at the recent consultations in Kabul.
“An agreement was reached to maintain constructive contacts in the interests of Afghanistan’s peace and prosperity, and regional stability and development,” the Sputnik news agency quoted Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.
The statement added that the Taliban emphasised their special focus on promoting relations with Russia, China and Pakistan.

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