Arnab Chatterjee: ‘I’m Looking Forward To Collaborate With Studios & Banners Across India’

Filmmaker Arnab Chatterjee is all set to resume work after a break of about three years. He was in London to pursue a course in film studies. In a chat with CT, Arnab spoke about his recently released film, Janmodin, his future plans and more…

How does it feel to be back in your hometown during Christmas?
Being in Kolkata, especially during Christmas, feels great. I was born and raised in the Park Street area, so December is always special to me. All my childhood friends, who’re now spread all over the world, return to Kolkata around this time of the year and we have our annual meetups.

Your much-awaited film Jonmodin featuring the late Soumitra Chatterjee is finally streaming on OTT. Are you excited?
The feeling is more of a relief than excitement. We made Jonmodin in 2018. There were quite a few hiccups before the release because of the pandemic. But finally, I am happy that the film got released and the audience is watching it.

Tell us about the feedback you received for your film…
Feedback from the audience is always the biggest validation for any filmmaker. On my flight back from London to Kolkata, I met a few people who watched my film. I’m glad it’s already been well-received by the global audience.

Your future projects...
I have a few scripts underway. A psychological thriller, a romance, a heist drama, to name a few. I want to make all of them as and when I get the budget in place. I’m really looking forward to collaborating with studios and banners across India. I hope the pandemic doesn’t come in the way because film industries have already suffered a lot.

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