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Arjun Chakrabarty, Following Aaron Ramsey’s Game For A While Now

Obviously, almost all of us look up to the super-famous footballers like Ronaldo and Messi. But I’d like to name Aaron Ramsey, the Welsh footballer. He has a distinct boyish charm. And I have been following his game for a while now. From Arsenal to Juventus, he has kept me hooked. Outside club football, I have always supported Germany. But this time, I’m also supporting Wales because of Aaron. True, I don’t know Aaron personally, but he appears to be a simple man. I like his game. If you talk about charm, Ronaldo’s name does come to mind, what with his prim and proper looks and gelled hair. Probably, the best physique in international sports. He is playing like a youngster at 36. In fact, star players bring something special to the game. But I am equally impressed with Aaron and Gareth Bale, both Welsh footballers. — Arjun Chakrabarty, actor.

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