Anti-Pakistan protest erupts across world against its proxy role in Afghanistan, helping Taliban

: Anti-Pakistan protests across the globe were organised and the demonstrators raised their voices against Islamabad’s role in the Afghanistan debacle and blamed the country for helping the Taliban.

Berlin [Germany], August 15 : Multiple protests were held in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, and Austria on Sunday against the Taliban’s seizure of key regions and brutal offensive in Afghanistan. Afghan diaspora and other people living in Canada, Australia, Manchester and Vienna staged protests against the Taliban, denouncing their aggressive advance and barbaric acts in Afghanistan. Protesters also called to sanction Pakistan for their proxy war in Afghanistan.
Around 300 persons gathered at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Saturday protesting against Pakistan for supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan.
On Saturday, Afghans living in the southern Australian city of Adelaide also called for an end to the ongoing violence in Afghanistan by the Taliban and denounced the Pakistan government for their intervention in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.
Bangladesh Conscious Citizens Committee (BCCC) on Saturday highlighted “Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and its support to the Taliban” on the occasion of its Independence Day.
Afghan Americans gathered in large numbers to stage a protest outside the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington on Pakistan’s Independence Day on Saturday, slamming the alleged Islamabad-sponsored terrorism in their home country where the Taliban continue to seize more territory.
Many who gathered at the protest site say they feel as though the international community has turned its back on their home country. The diaspora said that they counted on the success of Western forces and were living with the hope that one day the United States would take action on Pakistan for its alleged duplicity and proxy war.
“A protest by Afghans, Balochs, Pashtuns and Sindhi communities was joined by communities from Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Bangladesh in front of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC. All demanded in 1 voice #SanctionPakistan #TerroristStatePakistan,” tweeted South Asian Minorities Collective.
Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) also on Saturday arranged a rally against Pakistan proxy role in Afghanistan and its sponsorship of terrorism worldwide.
“Afghans marching towards the Pakistani embassy in Washington DC demanding an end to Pakistan proxy role in Afghanistan and its sponsorship of terrorism worldwide. #SanctionPakistan #DaSangaAzadiDa”, tweeted Pashtun Tahafuz Movement USA.
Voices from across the world are increasingly urging hard-hitting economic sanctions on Pakistan for its proxy war in Afghanistan.
Many experts and the majority of Afghans believe that Islamabad is behind the Taliban’s aggressive advance against the government forces in Afghanistan and that Islamabad has been assisting the terror group on all possible fronts.
Meanwhile, faced with little or no resistance, the Taliban entered the Afghan capital Kabul from all sides on Sunday.

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