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Anil Kapoor Sprinting Spree Set Major Fitness Goal

Adding power to his workout routine recently was none other than fitness aficionado Anil Kapoor. The 64-year-old was seen sprinting on a running track, and in the process, give us major fitness goals.

“They say you can’t outrun your problems but I will try my best to always out sprint mine,” he captioned the post.

Check it out:-

While both running and sprinting are vigorous-intensity exercises that make use of the same muscle groups, the difference lies in speed. Sprinting is a more powerful, faster form of running which is only to be performed in short spurts.

The biggest difference between running and sprinting is driving the knees up high with toes pulled up to increase one’s stride length resulting in a faster speed, according to Additionally, landing on the forefoot during sprinting reduces an eccentric brake (slowing down) at contact and ultimately helps you to propel forward faster, it read.

Here’s why sprinting is beneficial for you

It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, increases stamina, burns more calories at a faster rate in a short span of time, gives a boost to the metabolism, and continues to burn calories even after the workout is over.

What are your fitness goals like?

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