Andrew Garfield On Playing ‘Spider-Man’ Again: ‘No plans’

Washington [US], February 28 (ANI): Hollywood actor Andrew Garfield recently said that he has “no plans” to reprise his role as Peter Parker in future movies after months of denying his involvement in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’.

Speaking to Variety on the red carpet of the SAG Awards 2022 on Sunday night, Garfield was asked if he was playing ‘Spider-Man’ again. The actor laughed and said, “No plans. That’s the truth.” “Everyone’s gonna call me a liar for the rest of my life. I’m the boy who cried wolf,” the actor added.

Garfield was nominated at this year’s SAG Awards for best male actor in a leading role for his musical turn in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Tick, Tick … Boom!’

Miranda, who opened the show alongside fellow ‘Hamilton’ stars Leslie Odom Jr. and Daveed Diggs, recalled Garfield crying wolf when Miranda asked him on set in 2020 whether he was going to play Peter Parker.

“To his credit, he never said it to me,” Miranda told Variety.

Miranda added, “He always denied it, but I was there the day it leaked. He was on my set in November when it leaked that he was in talks and I quietly went up to him and said, ‘Bro, are you in the new ‘Spider-Man?” and he went, ‘Shut up, shut up.’ It was the worst acting I’d ever seen him do. And I went, ‘He’s gotta practice that, that denial,’ and he got very good at it, but I was there when he first workshopped it.”

He continued, “The euphemism became, ‘I’m seeing a friend in Atlanta, and I was like, ‘Say hi to your friend in Atlanta for me.’ His friend is two other Spidermen.”

Talking about Garfield’s stint as Spider-Man, the actor, after a seven-year break, returned to play the role in last year’s Marvel blockbuster ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’.

The actor had earlier portrayed the popular hero in two films of the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ series from 2012-14. Prior to the release of ‘No Way Home’, there were leaks and rumours pointing out at Garfield’s return. But the actor kept denying it.

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