Ammy Virk, Jaani Drops Apology Letter For Hurting Religious Sentiments With ‘Qubool A’

Punjabi actor Ammy Virk has been landing in one after another controversy. While he was still finding his way out of the farmers’ protest and ‘Qismat 2’ altercation, a new controversy around his song ‘Qubool A’ has from ‘Sufna’ started doing the rounds.

The song’s lyrics are being accused of hurting religious sentiments of the Muslim community, and therefore both Jaani, who wrote the song, and Ammy Virk dropped an apology letter on their social media handles.

The note read – “My sincere apologies for being niece and hurting the sentiments of many by the lyrics of my Qubool A (released in 2020) I had no intention to hurt religious sentiments and I wish I was aware of the interpretation before putting those lyrics in the song. If I knew I would have never done it. We have taken down that song as soon as we realized how it could be interpreted which we were not aware of and changed the lyrics. May almighty forgive me and others involved in the song for not realizing it could be hurtful. Once again my sincere apologies.”

This was posted by both Ammy Virk and Jaani on their handles.

After these posts, many of their fans have commented that they didn’t find anything wrong with the song or the lyrics. However, according to the reports, did not go down well with Naib Shaahi Imam Maulana Muhammad Usman Rehmani of Ludhiana’s Jama Masjid. Reportedly, he has expressed objection to the word ‘Rasul’, which has been used in the song. In Arabic, ‘Rasul’ translates to ‘Messenger or Prophet’.

In Islam, the respective term refers to the last prophet of Allah, Prophet Muhammad. He holds a very respectable place in the Islam religion. Therefore, Maulana Muhammad Usman Rehmani mentioned that the song’s lyrics have hurt the community worldwide. Reportedly he accused Ammy Virk and team ‘Sufna‘of being ignorant, and has demanded the Government to take strict action against them under article 295 for hurting the Muslim community’s religious sentiments.

Now though both Ammy and Jaani have given a public apology, allegedly Mulana Muhammad Usman Rehmani is adamant about letting this issue go easily.

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