Akshay Kumar On Son Aarav’s Plans To Join Bollywood: ‘He Is Not Interested..’

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has said that his son will not be a part of the film industry like other big-name children as he is not “interested.”

In an interview, Akshay Kumar was asked if his son would be a part of movies as properly. “He is not interested,” he stated.

“I simply need him (son) to be happy,” said ‘Khiladi’ Kumar.

In the same interview, the Bollywood actor stated that he carried out an Indian passport and could resign his Canadian passport to prove his love for his us of a.

“India is the entirety to me. Whatever I have earned, some thing I have received is from here. And I’m lucky that I get a threat to provide back. You experience bad while humans say things without knowing something,” stated the actor.

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