Ajay Devgn Talks About Performing Stunts In ‘Into The Wild With Bear Grylls’

Ahead of the premiere of his episode of ‘Into The Wild With Bear Grylls’, actor Ajay Devgn opened up about his experience of doing adventurous stunts in the Maldives.

“This is my first ever expedition into the wild and I can tell you it wasn’t child’s play! My father was an action director and in my career span of 30 years in the Indian industry, I have had the fortune to play several roles including some dangerous action ones too. And, this was one of those times when I had to put those learnings to the test again. I’m so glad this opportunity came my way, it helped me explore and go beyond my comfort zone,” he shared. Ajay also praised British adventurer Bear Grylls for “inspiring millions to explore and develop a much-needed relationship with nature.”

“…and of course to keep me safe in the wild. From hungry jungles to the depths of the ocean, Bear knows it all,” he added.

‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls’ is an innovative new format inspired by ‘Man vs Wild’, which is one of the most-watched wilderness survival television series.

Ajay’s episode will exclusively premiere on Discovery+ India on October 22.

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