AI Tech Start-up launches AI powered Noise Print Anti-copy labels to protect Drugs & Medical Device Brands

Kolkata, Aug 6: An AI Tech startup ‘PUCHO’ founded by Mr. Vipin Choudhary has launched
a breakthrough AI Powered Noise Print Anti-copy labels to eliminate counterfeit, a multi-lingual App powered by Cypheme, a globally renowned Artificial Intelligence and Brand Protection Solution to Protect Drugs & Medical Device Brands against the growing menace of Counterfeits.
PUCHO’s AI Tech can also help identify Fake Covid-19 Vaccines. Result comes in multiple (15 vernacular) languages with an audio button for the consumer to hear the result.
India who played the role of “Pharmacy to the world” during the Covid-19 pandemic was also
termed as the world’s leading producer of fake drugs, according to research by the OECD and
the EU Intellectual Property Office.
India engulfed by the covid-19 pandemic pushed people to rush to markets to get medicines,
oxygen cylinders, masks, PPE kits and other essential life-saving equipments. The covid-19
crisis and an acute shortage of drugs & medical devices to treat symptoms of Covid-19 has unfortunately increased the circulation of counterfeit medicines and medical devices in recent
While COVID-19 is a current pandemic, Counterfeiting is an ongoing menace. One of the
important factor behind the increase of counterfeit medicines and medical devices is the
absence of anti-tampering, anti-counterfeiting & traceability measures making the counterfeiters
task quite easy. In countries like India, where health and medicine literacy in society is not yet fully developed, healthcare brands have an even bigger role to play compared to their counterparts in
the developed world.
PUCHO, offers the only anti-counterfeit solution that has been ISO 12931Certified which
comprises of AI Powered Noise Print Anti-Copy Labels to eliminate counterfeit. The Brand Owner affixes a unique innovative Noise Print label on products which can be scanned but cannot be copied. Each Noise Print label is unique and has a random chemically generated signature. The consumer scans the product and the scan is enabled by Patented anti-counterfeit technology based on neural network analysis.
The AI detects original or counterfeit by analysing the surface microstructure of authentication
Noise Print label by a simple scan through The Consumer authenticates the product
before purchase. APP Download and scan is free for the consumers.
“The impact of counterfeit on the consumer, brand owner, the environment, economy, employment, health and the country are unimaginable. 30-40% of products sold in India annually are counterfeit. Counterfeit medicine kills more people than malaria every year. Counterfeit COVID vaccines, medicines and medical equipment are already flooding the market. Our advanced AI system reacts in real-time to counterfeiter’s attempts to replicate our Noise Print feature, making sure not just to protect the integrity of the product, but also to discourage attempts to create fakes while collecting valuable data on the counterfeiters. Our mission is to Eliminate Counterfeit by adding value to the Consumer and Brand Owner in the process.” Said Vipin Choudhary, Founder & CEO, PUCHO.IN
Pucho provides the brand owners dashboard with data of authentic and counterfeit product scans
with geo location hot spots for targeted action against counterfeiters.
“Why should lives be lost or compromised due to counterfeit medicines & medical devices? Counterfeiters are becoming smarter, and we need to stay one step ahead of them. We need to establish a direct link between the brand owner and the consumer. The consumer must have the
power to authenticate before purchase to defy counterfeiting and that is what our solution does,”
said Mr. Vipin Choudhary.

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