Afghan girls calls on Taliban to reopen schools

Kabul [Afghanistan]: Facing an uncertain future of their education under the Taliban regime, Afghan girls and activists called on the Islamic Emirate to reopen schools that remain closed to women across the country.
Some girls, worried about their uncertain future, accused the Islamic Emirate of selective treatment in the reopening of some schools but not others, reported Tolo News. “We want to go to school. The Islamic Emirate should not apply a double standard to allow girls in some provinces to go to school but then ban them in other provinces,” said Sahar, a student.
According to claims of the Taliban officials, girl students of secondary and high school have been allowed to attend schools in seven of 34 provinces.
Afghan acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi on Friday said 75 per cent of girls in Afghanistan had resumed their studies in schools while replying to a question about the situation of girls’ education rights in the Taliban-controlled country.
The Taliban, after taking control of the country in mid-August, had closed the schools with thousands of girl students confined to their homes, attracting criticism by the international community.
Afghanistan’s takeover by the Taliban has been harsher for the women and girls of the war-torn country despite the group’s assurances to protect their rights.
Earlier, the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan, led by the Taliban had resumed all secondary schools. However, the directive only mentions the male students, making no reference to a return date for girls.
The Islamic Emirate had also banned girl schools for grades 7 to 12 in many provinces. The officials said earlier that the government was working on schemes to provide educational opportunities for Afghan girls.
Moreover, the employees of the Education Ministry voiced concerns over being unpaid for the past three months, reported Tolo News.
“I haven’t been paid for the past three months. The men of the family are also jobless. We are struggling with a lot of problems” said Halima, an employee of the ministry.

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