Adolina Chakrabarty: ‘I’ll Continue To Balance My Studies & Acting’

Role play: I loved playing Pakhi in Baba Yadav’s yet-untitled film, starring Ankush and Subhashree.

Though Pakhi is a ghost, she is just like me in real life. She loves to play games, listen to music, pull pranks on others and loves her family. Both of us are avid pet lovers too. Acting is my passion and I love being in front of the camera. I’ll continue to balance my studies and acting.

Studies matter: My parents have taught me that there can’t be any alternative to studies and hence, I take it very seriously. I plan my shooting schedule in a way that doesn’t require me to miss my classes. I attend my online classes between the shots. My favourite subject is mathematics.

Health is priority: This pandemic has taught us that health is wealth. So, I make sure to eat healthily and maintain a good lifestyle. I have a balanced diet, drink lots of water and sleep for at least eight hours daily. I carry homemade food to the sets to avoid eating outside and daily exercise is a must for me.

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