Actor Leon Vitali Passes Away At 74

Washington [US]: Actor Leon Vitali, who was most famous for his role as Lord Bullingdon in “Barry Lyndon” and who later worked as Stanley Kubrick’s personal assistant, passed away on Saturday at the age of 74.

Kubrick’s official social media account acknowledged Vitali’s passing. At this time, no other information on Vitali’s passing is available.”It is with the greatest of sadness that we have to tell you that the mainstay of a vast number of Kubrick’s films, Leon Vitali, passed away peacefully last night,” the account wrote in a statement. “Our thoughts are with his family.”

According to Variety, Vitali is most recognised for his role in Stanley Kubrick’s historical black comedy as a movie actor. The story’s pivotal showdown is between Vitali and Ryan O’Neal’s titular blank-faced rascal, who plays the slighted, brattish stepson.

Despite the fact that “Barry Lyndon” didn’t make Vitali a regular performer, it did help the actor forge a close bond with Kubrick, who enabled Vitali to direct the movie’s editing after main photography was finished. Later, when Vitali was in his early 30s, Kubrick requested him to assist with the creation of “The Shining,” his next film. On the renowned horror movie, Vitali is listed as the director’s “personal assistant.”

Throughout the rest of Kubrick’s career, Vitali worked with the director, working as casting director and assistant director on “Full Metal Jacket” (1987) and “Eyes Wide Shut” (1999). In the latter movie, Red Cloak–the disguised leader of the aristocratic, orgiastic cult–was likewise played by Vitali.

After Kubrick passed away in 1999, Vitali oversaw the restoration of many of his movies. He was the focus of Tony Zierra’s film “Filmworker,” which explored his career in the film business and friendship with Stanley Kubrick. At the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, “Filmworker” had its world debut.

Prior to making a string of guest appearances in several British television series in the early 1970s, Vitali got his start in the arts by enrolling at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Beyond his association with Kubrick, Vitali worked in the film industry. In the 2013 films “Romeo & Juliet,” “Catholics,” and “Super Bitch,” he had leading parts. Additionally, Vitali worked with director Todd Field, receiving credit for his first two feature films as an associate producer and technical consultant, respectively.

Vitali married and divorced three times in his life. He is survived by his three children: producer Masha Vitali, actress Vera Vitali and videographer Max Vitali.

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