Activists protest in Tokyo over China’s human rights violations against minorities

Tokyo [Japan]: More than 50 activists on Wednesday representing different backgrounds held an hour-long protest outside the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo taking forward their call to Japan and the international community to hold China accountable for the human rights violations in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and Inner Mongolia.
Protesting under the banner of 100 Days to the “#GenocideOlympics”, the activists highlighted the suppression of the democratic voices in Hong Kong by the Chinese authorities and urged the world community to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. The protesters further addressed the Chinese atrocities against the minority ethnic regions of the country and the “dangerously aggressive” military actions in the Taiwan Strait.
The protest furthers opinion polls in Japan that concluded that almost 90 per cent of the people in Japan opine negatively of China.
It is not often that Chinese actions are a part of the political debate in the general elections in the country, however, in the run-up to the elections in 2021, China and its actions have been a part of the debate.
These differences and public opinion have come to the forefront just months ahead of Japan and China marking 50 years of resumption of diplomatic relations shows the deep level of disquiet in Japanese society about China’s actions within that country, as well as those impacting its neighbours like Japan.
With a view to sending a strong message to China, the Japanese parliament members are expected to discuss the passage of a resolution criticising China for its “genocide” in its ethnic minority regions.

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