About Us

We comprise an interesting mix of experienced and young journalists across India. What we
believe in is unbiased professional communication. Our purpose is to serve the country and its
citizens with fact-based reporting and the right perspective. In the age of Digital Disruptions and
information overflow, we need to be very careful with every news we consume. Kshvid News
provides information that is worth knowing and above all, only the truth. We are here to revive the
True Spirit of Journalism with our hard work, sensitive approach towards citizens and unbiased
professionalism. We seek your support. Together, let us try to build a New India. An India in which
the truth turns up for rendezvouses with every citizen.


Honourable Mentor & Editor-in-Chief : Srini Gubbala

Honorary Executive Editor  : Rajesh Vatsa

Executive News Editors : Sushil Mishra & Bhaswar Bhattacharyya

Editorial Management: Subhro Majumdar, Shruti and Apoorva Singh