Aaditi Pohankar is Maharashtra’s Most Desirable Woman 2020

Her Marathi debut, Lai Bhaari, made Aaditi Pohankar a known face in the industry. One would’ve expected her to sign multiple films following the blockbuster, but personal reasons kept the actress away from the limelight for quite some time. Cut to 2020 and she made a splashing return with two web series, including MX Player’s critically acclaimed Aashram and another well-known show called She. Thanks to her performances and social media presence, Aaditi has been voted Maharashtra’s Most Desirable Woman 2020.

She shares her feelings about being the most desirable women in a chat show. Check out:-

For someone who started her film career with a Marathi film, being called Maharashtra’s Most Desirable Woman must feel good. First thoughts?
Well, what do I even say? This came as such a sweet surprise for me. It’s unexpected, but it feels wonderful. It was almost like someone telling me ‘Arre, lockdown khatam ho gaya’! Jokes apart, I am a Maharashtrian and it feels amazing to know that I am desired here.

What qualities make a person desirable?
Their mind; I would be attracted to a person based on how the person thinks.

And what qualities make you desirable?
Oh, you want me to be a narcissist and brag about myself on camera! Well, what I like about myself is that I am extremely hard-working and I try to be humble. Because unless you are humble, there’s no fun in it. I don’t like being all serious and heavy about things. I believe life is a journey and we are just passing by. I love to have fun. Another thing I like about myself is I stick to my lines! That’s very desirable to me (laughs).

Who according to you is the most desirable man and woman in the industry?
Ranbir Kapoor, because of his work, and because he balances his performances and stardom very well. I also find Amitabh Bachchan sir extremely desirable. Among the women, I find Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet desirable.

2020 brought you great recognition. Would you say that the year marked your arrival on the scene? And what does the future hold in store?
Yes, I feel that last year was quite thrilling. To be showered with love for your work by people across the country is exciting. As for the future, there are a couple of projects lined up, I am also reading some scripts, but it’s too early to talk about any of those. But one thing is for sure – I am not letting any good opportunities get away this time!

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