Review By-:Sachin Sisodia

Black Widow is a terribly made, utterly ridiculous, pointless, CGI fest with occasionally some good moments in it.

The film has a promising and a tense opening finally giving us an insight into Natasha’s past and her background and then it opens again with some credits and music and takes another 10-15 minutes to actually kickstart it’s story and plot.

The screenwriters never really settle on a particular thread and keep juggling different ideas and story beats resulting in a mess of a film.

The action is cartoonish and quite pathetic. Natasha a spy, a normal human falls off a three storey bulding and hits her head twice on some pipes and gets back up immediately without a scratch.

The actors do their part but the script is haywire and there seems to be a lack of creativity from the people who helmed it , everything just comes across as mundane and flat.

The villain, well……. Taskmaster shows up occasionally. The film tries to tie Natasha and the villain’s stories together but it is done in such an odd haphazard way that ultimately it leaves you feeling frustrated instead of emotionally capturing you.

The movie is genuinely uninteresting and is an abysmal send off for one of the most beloved MCU characters and Actors. The editing is fine , the cinematography is bland, the music is forgettable.

David Harbour and Florence Pugh may be the only positives in this film along with Scarlett’s presence, all three of them have a genuinely good chemistry which does bring a few laughs and emotions from our side.

The film has a weird and twisted morality and a clear and obvious undertone which it didn’t need and quite frankly leaves a sick taste in your mouth.

Don’t waste Your time with this , go watch Winter Soldier instead.

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