Air India flight from Kabul to land around 8 PM in Delhi with 129 passengers, more flights planned

New Delhi, Aug 15: Amid growing tension and uncertainty in Kabul, Air India’s flight from Afghan capital would land at Delhi airport around 8 PM on Sunday with 129 passengers.
Captain Aditya Chopra landed today in Kabul and took off at around 6:06 PM with the passengers from there.
More flights are planned over the coming weeks but the airline is not sure of actually operating them as the crisis is set to deepen. It has increased weekly flight frequency to 7 from 3 in the light of increased travel demand from the crisis-ridden country.
Airline sources said that following the advice from the Civil Aviation Ministry the flight frequency has been increased for the month of August.
In the following month, three flights a week are scheduled.
“Additional flights got instantly booked. There is a huge rush. From India flights are going empty but return flights are full.
As Talibani terrorists have been capturing city after city with no resistance from Afghan security forces in some cases, the war-ravaged country’s affluent citizens have been reported to be looking for escape route.

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