PM Modi lauds health workers

PM Modi lauds healthcare workers Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday acknowledged the contribution of healthcare workers in the country as India administered more than 100 crore vaccinations.

New Delhi : Addressing the monthly radio programme Mann ki Baat, the Prime Minister said, “India salutes our healthcare workers. I am well aware of the capabilities of my country, the people of my country. I knew that our healthcare workers would leave no stone unturned to vaccinate countrymen.” Prime Minister lauded India on achieving more than 100 crore COVID-19 vaccinations and said that the country moving forward with new enthusiasm and new energy in this regard.
“After administering more than 100 crore vaccines, the country is moving forward with new enthusiasm, new energy. The success of our vaccine program shows the potential of India, shows the power of the mantra of everyone’s efforts,” said PM Modi

Prime Minister interacted with Poonam Nautiyal, a healthcare worker who hails from Uttarakhand.

Nation should seek inspiration on patriotism, unity from Sardar Patel

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the nation should seek inspiration regarding patriotism and unity from Sardar Patel. He also bowed to the senior leader whose birth anniversary is observed on October 31 as National Unity Day.
Addressing the 82nd edition of his Mann Ki Baat today, PM Modi said, “Next Sunday on October 31 is the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel. On behalf of every listener of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, and on my behalf, I bow to the Iron Man.” PM Modi further said that “Sardar Patel used to say ‘We can inculcate patriotic feeling only if we stay united. With unity, we can take the country to new heights. If we are not united, then we will only be troubled with new difficulties’.”
“Recently, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has also launched a book on pictorial biography of Sardar Patel. I urge everybody to read this book and get learn the lesson of unity,” he said.
“Recently, Gujarat Police and Tripura police have started bike rallies to the Statue of Unity in Gujarat. The initiative is a symbol of patriotism and unity,” he added.
“Even, women of Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district are also stitching Indian flags for the Indian and government offices. This action shows their patriotic feeling for the country,” he added.
The Prime Minister further appealed to everybody to stay united and do something for the nation. “We all have an obligation that we must join some activity that gives the message of unity,” he added. 

Birsa Munda fought to protect nature, jungle, land

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled the contribution of ‘Bhagwan’ Birsa Munda towards the country and said that he fought to protect nature, jungles and land.
Addressing the monthly radio programme Mann ki Baat, the Prime Minister said, “Birth anniversary of Bhagwan Birsa Munda ji falls on November 15. Bhagwan Birsa Munda is also known as ‘Dharti Aaba’. Do you know what this epithet means? It means the father of Earth.” “Birsa Munda fought to protect his own nature, jungle, his land. I bow to Birsa Munda. The valuable contribution of Munda ji has helped me fall in love with nature and the environment. Munda ji is an inspiration to many,” said PM Modi.

“Further, the more one knows about the contribution of the tribal community in the freedom struggle of the country, the more will one feel proud about it,” the Prime Minister said.

India preparing digital land records in villages with help of drones

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the new drone policy in the country is already showing great results and highlighted that India is one of the first countries in the world, which is preparing digital records of land in its villages with the help of drones.
Addressing the monthly radio programme Mann ki Baat today, PM Modi said, “One of the things that is capturing people’s imagination is the usage of drones in India. Youngsters and the world of start-ups are very interested in this subject.” “The drone sector was filled with too many restrictions and regulations. This has changed in recent times. The new drone policy is already showing great results,” PM Modi said.
The Prime Minister said, “On August 25 this year, the country came up with a new Drone Policy. This policy has been made according to the present and future possibilities related to Drone. In this, you will no longer have to get involved in filling up many forms, nor will you have to pay high fees as before.”
In his address, the Prime Minister said that Nano-urea was sprayed in fields through drones in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. “Drones are also playing their role in COVID vaccine campaign. We saw this in Manipur, where vaccines were delivered via a drone to an island. Telangana also did trials for vaccine delivery by drone,” said PM Modi.
The Prime Minister said, “India is one of the first countries in the world, which is preparing digital records of land in its villages with the help of drones. India is working extensively on using drones for transportation.”

United Nations Day: PM Modi recalls India’s efforts towards world peace

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled India’s efforts towards world peace and global wellness while addressing the 82nd edition of his radion programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’. He also said that this is the day observed as ‘United Nations Day’.
Addressing the programme, PM Modi said, “India has always worked for world peace. The country has been participating in UN Peacekeeping Missions since 1950. We are also playing a leading role in poverty alleviation, climate change and issues related to labourers.” The Prime Minister also said that India is working together with World Health Organisation (WHO) to populate yoga and AYUSH since March 2021. “A global centre for traditional medicine will be established in India,” he said.
Remembering former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee on this day, he said that “Vajpayee ji created history by addressing the UN General Meeting in Hindi in which he said ‘Here, I am not thinking about the people and importance of nations. For me, the presence and development of the common man have much more importance’.”
He further added the former Prime Minister of India still shows us the way to move forward and he is an inspiration for us.
PM Modi stated that Indian women have a big role in enhancing the power of the United Nations.
“When a universal declaration of UN human rights was being prepared in 1947, it was written that ‘All men are created equal’. However, an Indian woman delegate, Hansa Mehta interrupted and made a change to this universal declaration. After her interruption, it was written ‘All human beings are created equal’.”
He added that another delegate, Lakshmi Menon also spoke vigorously on the issue of gender equality. “In 1953, Vijaya Lakshmi became the first woman President of UN General Assembly,” he added.
PM Modi also informed that India has been associated with the UN since its establishment and signed the chapters with it even before independence in 1945.

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