Babul Supriyo clarifies his tweet

Babul Supriyo, a BJP MP, stated today that he has resigned as a junior minister in the Ministry of Environment. The former Minister of State wrote on Facebook that he is “very happy” that he left his tenure “without a spot of corruption on me.”
Mr Supriyo praised certain Bengali politicians who will be part of the next Union cabinet, but added, “I am surely sad for myself.”

“Yes, there must be a fire somewhere when there is smoke.
I’m not able to take phone calls from my friends in the media who care about me, so I’ll just say it…
Yes, I have resigned from the Council of Ministers (although, as I previously stated, “Asked to resign” may not be the most accurate term), “Mr Supriyo added in the Facebook post, referring to a now-deleted post in which he claimed to have been asked to step down.

“I thank Hon’ble Prime Minister for giving me the privilege to serve my country as a Member of his Council of Ministers. I am extremely happy that I go today without a spot of corruption on me, having served my constituency with all my might and having enjoyed their confidence when Asansol voted me back as their MP once again, with triple the margin in 2019 again,” the BJP MP said.

“My bestest of wishes to my colleagues, whose names I can’t spell out but by now everyone is aware, will be sworn in as Hon’ble ministers from Bengal. I am surely SAD for myself but very HAPPY for them. More power to all of them,” Mr Supriyo said.

Mr Supriyo won the Asansol constituency in Bengal in the 2014 general election.
He was appointed to the position of Minister of State for Urban Development and other relevant ministries.
He won the general election from the same constituency five years later, defeating Moon Moon Sen of the Trinamool Congress.

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