5 Ways To Let Your Crush Know You’re Into Them

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Having a crush on someone who makes your heart flutter is fun. There’s nothing that can compare to that feeling when your crush walks into the room or when you two can’t stop talking to one another, but how do you let your crush know you’re into them? Whether it’s a crush on a coworker or a crush on a friend, you can’t seem to get your mind off them. What do you do with this healthy love obsession? The next logical step probably is to let them know you are interested. However, this is the part that’s not so easy. It’s effortless to daydream about you two kissing, but it’s another story when you have to make that dream into a reality.

Here are the way you can let your crush know you are feeling them:

1. Write Them A Love Note

Actions sometimes speak louder than words, so being thoughtful and showing you care will work in your favor. One easy way to show you appreciate them? Write them a love note.

“Whether you write ‘I like you’ in a lipstick heart on their bathroom mirror, leave a bright pink post-it on their car window, or handwrite a real love letter that you cover in heart stickers and and spray with perfume, it is nice for your crush to receive something sweet that let’s them know you have heart/eyes for them,” Scott-Hudson says.

But you don’t have to pour your heart out.

2. Remember Little Details

Your crush will think twice when you show how much you remember about the things they say to you. Let’s say for instance your hopeful beau mentions a story of when they were little and then you bring up a detail from that story in a natural way, it will show how much you care. No matter how little the detail is, you remembering it will reveal a bigger sentiment.

3. Spend Time Together

The best way to let the person know you’re interested is by spending quality time together. If they’re walking over to the water cooler at work, well then you should be thirsty too, and find an opportunity to chat. Maybe you are out with a group of friends and they are the only one sitting left at the table — you should make your way over. If you want to get closer then you might have to… well, get close.

4. Active Listening

Sure, you can listen to your crush, but are you actively listening? Active listening involves superb eye-contact, nodding your head, and making motions that show that you are listening and interested in what they have to say.

“Ignoring other stimuli and focusing exclusively on your crush is a great way to show your crush you are interested,” Fraley says. “Avoid checking your phone and stay engaged in the conversation and on them rather than scanning the room or placing your attention elsewhere.”

If you are looking at how many Instagram likes you are getting on your latest pic, or scrolling through your FB feed while your hopefully-soon-to-be lover is chatting with you, they’re not going to think you’re interested. Actively listen and your crush will be more likely to notice you’re interested.

5. Tell Their Friend

One way to indirectly tell someone you are attracted to them is by using a third party. In this case, dropping a little hint to their friend is a good and sneaky approach to letting the cat out of the bag. Because, of course, you know that their bestie will say something and then your secret is out there. In the next couple of weeks after you let out your secret, you will have a good idea if your crush is feeling the same way — either they will drop little hints too or you might see this person a little less. At least you know in the end!

Drop these little hints with your crush and see if something starts to blossom.

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