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10 vials of Amphotericin B stolen from Bengaluru hospital; complaint against medical staff, doctors

Amid a rise in patients of black fungus, vials of Amphotericin B, used for treatment of Mucormycosis, have reportedly been stolen from a hospital in Bengaluru. According to the details, as many as vials of Amphotericin B have been stolen from a locker at the ward of black fungus. The incident occurred late on May 30. Meanwhile, Resident Medical Officer at Victoria Hospital has filed a complaint in this regard, against the medical staff and doctors at the hospital.

According to some media reports, Dr. Srinivas Ramakrishna V, Victoria Hospital, said the vials were stored in a locker on the seventh floor of the Master Plan Building. 

The stock had been verified by two doctors and the staff, he said in the police complaint. 

The police have issued a notice to all the doctors and staff on duty to appear for questioning.

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